A modern vintage store
  • How much are you hoping to get for your item(s)? Please remember that we typically offer below retail value in order to resell items.
  • Would you consider store credit instead of cash? We can often give you more in store credit than we can in cash.
  • Is your item typical of what might be seen in our store? Refer to our Instagram or Facebook if you need an idea. 
  • While we welcome walk-ins, we ALWAYS prefer that you reach out to us via phone or web first. No reason to waste your time hauling items we can't take! Please fill out the form on our contact page or refer to the information above. 


We're completely obsessed with

  • Vintage office furniture : tanker desks, seating, old office supplies, ephemera 
  • Weird medical apparatuses, surgical tools 
  • Lab glass / chemistry
  • Industrial workbenches, seating, shelving, and lighting of any kind
  • Old souvenirs, keepsakes, junk drawers, bar ware
  • Globes and maps, old typesetting, religious figures, signs, etc.  
  • We will look at any sort of collection.  Machine shops, old factories, military, clinical environments, etc. are all of interest

 Show Us what you have


​​​What we're currently looking for

  • ​Take a picture or two (we really only need one or two!) 
  • Take dimensions
  • Email us at  selltosos@societyofsalvage.com or
  • ​​Text 317.201.0631​ or
  • Send us a message at  www.facebook.com/SocietyofSalvage/

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